Handcrafted Unique Birdhouses

Find the unique birdhouse that makes a perfect gift or makes a special impression in your yard!

Bird watching, also known as “birding,” has become increasingly popular over the years, and expanding your garden that offers a cozy birdhouse is another way to enjoy our feathered friends. Placing a bird house in your yard will provide all year housing for them.  

The different types and sizes of unique birdhouses depend upon the particular bird species, so it is important to know which species you prefer to host.   The size, entrance hole, and construction will greatly influence the species of birds that will nest in a birdhouse.  Our unique birdhouses will accommodate over 13 different species of birds within our area, which of course, varies according to location.

All of our birdhouses are fully functional with proper ventilation and drainage.  We offer a wonderful selection of attractive natural designs.   All of our birdhouses are handcrafted using hardwoods such as English Walnut, Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Cedar.  Each birdhouse is constructed using screws and a weather seal compound is applied to make the wood weatherproof.   A latched, locking side door allows a view of nesting progress and offers simple clean-out as well. 

You may also use one of our birdhouses as a beautiful decoration inside your house.

Our unique birdhouses are built to ensure many years of use and enjoyment.


Store pick up available! 

 Pick up time and dates can be arranged via phone or email.

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